24 June 2017


Kaizen in a short summary is a philosophy (Lean Manufacturing) of continuous improvement. In Japanese “Kai” means change, and “Zen” means better. In business it refers to the continuous and never-ending improvement of operating processes. The improvement is gradual, selectively eliminating any discrepancies detected, with all staff involved in the process.
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Just in time – JIT

24 June 2017


(JIT) is a production strategy that seeks to reduce production costs by reducing inventory costs and related costs. To meet Just in Time goals, the process is based on the KANBAN signal between different production points, which tells you what to do next. The signals of the KANBAN system can be simple light signals, no part of the rack or kanban card.

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24 June 2017


Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a method that is used to plan and control production processes and inventory management systems. Most MRP methods are based on special computer software, and if this is not possible based on manual planning.

The MRP system should meet three main objectives:

  • Ensure the availability of materials for production and customers,
  • Maintain the lowest possible levels of materials and products in the store,
  • Production activities based on delivery schedules and purchasing activities.

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